Friday, October 5, 2012

How to get market your product

A good product would be used because it is good

I have seen a lot of advertisement about products that don't function correctly and I quit them so early. I am a gamer and I have to wash my eyes after looking at the Facebook ads. There is no way I am giving your Facebook game a chance. I played mafia wars and I already know what those free to play games are. If you want to get a good following then spend the money on improving the product or the model you are using. I have used many products that were reccomended to me by my friend. I have used dropbox for one reason. It is awesome. It solves a problem and I will share my dropbox with my friends. Not because it is good, but because I care about my friends and I want them to use a good. WE WANT TO USE YOUR PRODUCTS BECAUSE THEY ARE GOOD.