Saturday, September 3, 2011

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - an online class experience

Can I get a college education without going to college?
Can I actually force myself to learn without the fear of failure?
Are online classes the future of education?
How can I manager my time between my special interests and life responsibilities?

I ask myself these questions now that I am officially enrolled in the free Stanford's Intro to Artificial Intelligence class. I saw that the class is free so it was an easy decision for me to sign up. It is an easy low-risk and high-reward investment (I think you get a free certificate at the end or some sort of acknowledgement of finishing the course).

I doubt if ill be able to pass the class (it's ok, keep reading). Here is why

1- Time Management
There is a huge chance of me failing due to the nature of my schedule:
I go to school for full time this semester (3 hours per class * 13 = 39) .
I am still working on my internship since last Summer (18 hr).
I work at school as a student lead (10 hr)
That totals out to 67 hours a week of responsibilities!

2- I am lazy
I want to write a huge paragaraph here but I think everyone knows what I am trying to say and I am sure that you are too lazy to read it (I am slick!)

3- Drama
One advantage of computers is that they don't "Have a bad day". I personally struggle putting away a life problem to focus on the task that I am doing.

So as you can see, my biggest difficult for the class is .. ME.

I think the best way for me to overcome those issues is to test myself out with new challenges. After all, we all need to learn how to fail before we succeed.

I failed my way to success.
-Thomas Edison

Failing is the new sexy!