Sunday, September 18, 2011

Career Expo (job fair) on September 16

I went to the career fair for the first time on Friday the 16th. There were a lot of companies and recruiters looking to hire students and new graduates.
What went well was the vibe and the organization of the event. It was a odd to see that the location was around a basketball court. I didn't have any issues finding the employers so everything turned out for the best (lots of breathing space)
What did not go well was the number of employers and openings for technical jobs. I did my research before going in and I knew that there were not a lot of companies that I can go to. I only had one company in mind (TIAA-CREF) and after I talked to them I was on my way out. I ran into a cool company called Cardinal Solutions that had fun recruiters and seem to have the culture that I am looking for.
Next time I think I will do my research better as I under estimated companies like Cardinal Solutions (Which I will apply for). Also I think a suit would have helped (I was wearing a polo so I was not bad).