Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Team Leaders Meeting - First day

I know that it is somewhat late to talk about an activity that we did last weekend, But the last few days has been busy with me trying to find a professor to sponsor me for a senior project...Fun Stuff!

The Team Leaders meeting was to explain to us what is our role and what are we required to do. Everything discussed was very basic and straight forward. I have never been a position in school before so I was never in a meeting for an academic reason.

I enjoyed being a part of a team where my opinion matters. I think Dr. Gross is very good at directing meetings and our discussions were on point while being enjoyable.

Getting to know the other Team Leads was great. One of the perks of working on what we like is that we end up around people with similar interest. I think Dr. Gross was able to get a great team with a very diverse background. I highly advice getting to meet team leads from other sections. I know I will.

I am very jealous that I didn't get this class when I started at UNC-C. I had to force myself to get out of my comfort zone to start working on my personal development. I am looking forward to see how the class impact the students as weeks go by.