Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Android mobile app development overview

So I have been programming for the android for over a month now and I have to say .. it is a lot of fun. I just thought that I should brainstorm some quick points on my experience so far.

-Full use of the java library
-Easy to get started
-Lots of tutorials and a great documentation by google.

-Settings of the emulator (using the phone as an emulator is not an easy task with a lot of unsolved bugs)
-The R class (it is the resource class that keeps track of where everything is. It can give random errors if the file is not rebuilt)

Features that can confuse programmers
-The activity nature (all the events drawn are placed in a stack-like which can cause confusion)
-XML layout (while it is a great feature, It can also be a hinder to nest all the layouts)

I will be giving a lecture on android programming this semester so I am getting stressed on how to prepeare everything. I am sure that the class will be a lot of fun.